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MP4-Flash Player

The MP4(H264)-Flash Player format is setting the standard for video files played on the internet due to its added image clarity and reduced file size. This format is thus recommended for movies of a longer length. 

Exporting in this format brings multiple advantages, such as: a progressive download feature (the movie is loaded while playing), compatibility with the iPad, iPod and iPhone.

That being said, using this format does partially reduce interactivity. In other words, the buttons, edit zones and click zones can no longer capture mouse or keyboard inputs, although all of the Start-End properties are still available if a HTML/SWF player is attached (see below). Should you want a fully interactive movie, the Flash format is still the best.

Note: Those running Windows XP or Vista must have Apple QuickTime installed on their machines to export in this format. However, once the movie is exported, the end-user does not require Apple QuickTime to view the movie.

  1. MP4 - File Name
    Enter MP4 file name. You do not need to include the filename extension (.mp4).
    H264 Options...
  2. HTML
    This option creates three additional files: a SWF file and a HTML file. The SWF (Flash) file is used to play the mp4 file, the HTML file is a web page that will display your movie. Once you export in this format, you should upload all files(mp4,html,swf) to your web server, thus publishing your movie on the internet.
  3. HTML - File Name
    Enter html file name. You do not need to include the filename extension (.html).
    Edit HTML Content
  4. HTML - Color
    Select the background color of the page.
  5. HTML - Adjust Size
    You can change the size of the flash movie to fit your specifications. Moreover, you may choose to have the flash movie fit the browser window or you can specify new dimensions.

    Note: Please understand that there are differences between 'movie resizing' and 'html movie resizing'. The 'html movie resizing' option attempts to stretch the movie to comply with the dimensions specified, while also maintaining the previous aspect ratio. However, this option may distort your movie if drastically downscaling.

  6. Learning Management System
    Select this option if you want to upload your movie to a LMS. (e.g. Moodle)
    Demo Builder is fully compliant with SCORM 1.2/2004 and AICC Learning Management Systems.

    Check the 'Zip Files' box to compress all the files into a single zip file.
    e.g. moviename_aicc.zip, moviename_scorm12.zip, moviename_scorm2004.zip

    SCORM Manifest file

Note: The video's dimensions will be adjusted as follows: in H264 format the dimensions must be divisible by a factor of 16. Demo Builder will automatically adjust your movie's size if it does not comply with the above specifications.

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