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Full-Motion Recording

Record screen activity in full-motion video.
  1. Capture Rate
    Set how many frames per second are to be captured, from 1 to 20. Note that although a higher frames per second rate will result in a larger file size, this will also make the playback motion smoother.
  2. Enable Auto-Mark
    Selecting this option will automatically place Marks within the scenes during recording

    Marks are useful for:
    Jumping to a certain location within a movie/scene, Executing (or not) a certain action, Adding balloons (if the mark was added automatically during recording)

    You do not have to add marks automatically during recording, but it is an available option. You can always add (or delete) marks manually in the Editing Window, after the recording has been taken.
  3. Capture semi-transparent windows
    Select this option if you will be recording an application or software that has semi-transparent windows. This will ensure proper recording of such windows.(i.e. 'drag and drop' demonstrations )

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