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The Webroot Secure Anywhere application prevents Demo Builder from recording the screen. To avoid and/or resolve this issue, you will need to configure Webroot as follows:

  1. Open Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete. (Start>All Programs>Webroot SecureAnywhere folder>Webroot SecureAnywhere icon.)
  2. Click the Identity and Privacy tab on left.
  3. Click on the "View/Edit Applications" link.
  4. Scroll until you see Demo Builder listed.
    This can be found under "db.exe" in "C:\Program files (86)\Demo Builder 10\".
  5. You will see three columns, "Protect", "Allow", or "Deny".
    Each column has buttons you can use to make your selection.
    In the row where Demo Builder is listed, click on the button in the "Allow" column.
  6. Click close when done.
  7. Close Webroot, since you are done.
  8. Restart Demo Builder.

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