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Events - Example

Let's say that you want to use Demo Builder Events to add user interactivity to your movie, demonstration or tutorial and/or define how it behaves based on different user actions. Below is a worked example based on a simple situation.

We have created scenes in our tutorial explaining our subject and at this point we want to ask the user a question (or questions) to ascertain their level of comprehension of the concepts covered in the previous scenes. (For the purpose of the exercise, we'll assume that the actual question text is contained in a separate Balloon or Text object that has already been inserted into this scene).

In this example, we'll illustrate Demo Builder's Events and User Interactivity functionality through the use of an Edit Zone object, but note that the principles are the same for other interactive objects (e.g. Buttons and Click Zones ).

Let's proceed as follows :

  1. From the object toolbar, select the Edit Zone object.
  2. Click on the Scene's canvas to insert the Edit Zone object at the desired position on the scene. (Set style and format as desired and as described in the object's help topic - or just leave these settings as default).
  3. Enter the correct answer to your question by clicking on the Correct Entries settings tab ('thumbs up' icon) in the Style Properties panel (top of screen) and typing in the correct answer. (Set other options or properties as or if desired).
  4. At this point, you will note that the TimeLine panel (at the bottom of the screen) has changed to include additional buttons for the events that apply to the selected object and for which Actions and/or Audio can be added or edited based on users' response(s).(In the case of the Edit Zone object, the applicable events available are 'On Pass', 'On Error' and 'On RollOver'. See the help topic for the relevant Object you want to work with to see the applicable events available for that object.)
  5. In the TimeLine panel, click on the OnPass button to add actions and audio for this event of the Edit Zone object. i.e. The behaviour(s) that you want the movie to follow when the user answers your question correctly.
  6. You will note that the TimeLine is now empty. Please also note that each individual event has its own TimeLine so that you may precisely define and control the separate sequencing of display and behaviours for that event.
  7. From the Event Actions settings tab (next to the Correct Entries settings tab at the top of the screen), select the action that you would like the movie to take in the event of a correct answer from the user. In this example, we'll choose 'Continue' to have the rest of the scene or movie continue playing.
  8. Add the text "Congratulations, you answered correctly!" in a note to be displayed to the user by selecting the Note object (from the object toolbar) and inserting it onto the scene's canvas in the desired position.
  9. We would also like to add an audio clip of applause to be played when the user answers correctly. Select the Audio settings tab (next to the Event Actions settings tab at the top of the screen).
  10. Click on +/Audio Collection and choose the Applause sound clip from the catalogue of audio clips included as standard with Demo Builder. Click on OK ('tick') to add this sound to the event. (Voice-over narration could also be recorded just as easily here to be played when an event is triggered).
  11. We're done! Preview the movie and adjust any settings (or timings) as desired.

The above is just one brief example to illustrate the functionality available and get you started with Demo Builder's Events and User Interactivity. We're sure that as you progress, you'll not only find a myriad of applications for this functionality, but discover its usefulness in creating professional movies, demonstrations and tutorials that your users will obtain real benefit from.

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