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Edit cursor path


Creating a custom cursor motion:
After selecting the custom motion icon as the cursor path, you have to define exactly what that custom motion is to be. Position the playhead at the beginning of the cursor path in the Timeline. Then, click and hold the cursor in the canvas (which will be at the beginning of the cursor path), and drag it towards the ending of the cursor path, taking whatever route you wish to take (all the time holding down your left mouse button). Once you've arrived at your destination, release the mouse button. That's it! You've just set your custom cursor motion.

Editing a custom cursor motion:
If you want to change your custom cursor motion, position the playhead at the point where you want the change to occur (in the Timeline), then in the canvas, drag the cursor along some new path to the ending point. This will only change that portion of the custom path that you've redone.

Note: Be careful when selecting a cursor, in the canvas, with a custom motion. If you click on the cursor to select it while the Playhead is somewhere in the middle of the cursor motion, you will effectively erase the custom motion from the cursor to the ending point. This action can't be undone--and thus, you will have to re-create the cursor's custom path. Always make sure to select the cursor in the Timeline, or by clicking on either its starting or ending points in the canvas. Never click in between these to select the cursor.

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