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How do I remove the 'info' button from the PlayerBar?

The PlayerBar Information button can be removed (hidden) from your frame/movie by clicking on the PlayerBar button in the movie's properties panel. Deselect the Info Button checkbox.

How can I change the details shown in the movie's 'info' panel?

Go to the Thumbnails View of the movie. In the Movie Properties bar, click on the double downward pointing arrows button to the immediate right of the movie's title. This will open a panel in which you can enter the details you want shown in the 'info' panel.

Can users pause my movie during playback? How?

With Demo Builder's PlayerBar, your users can have full control of the movie's playback (e.g. Pause/Play, Stop, Rewind).

What is 'Preloader'?

If you export a movie with 'Preloader' checked, the movie will load fully before it commences playing.
To employ this feature, check the 'Preloader' button from the Start-End options in the Movie Properties panel.

How do I get the mouse cursor to change to the 'hand' when over a Click Zone?

Select the relevant Click Zone object and click on the Hand Cursor button on the Click Zone Property panel (top of screen).

Can I translate my movie captions for international distribution?

New in Demo Builder Version 5.0, the Localize Wizard allows you to update the language in your movies for international distribution. Use the Localize Wizard to export your movies' caption text (found in balloons, notes, text boxes and so forth) to a Word Document, update this with text in the desired language and then import it back into your movie. Start by selecting "Localize" from Demo Builder's File menu to bring up the Localize Wizard and then follow the wizard's simple steps.

What is AutoCalculate Time/Size?

Two additional options for objects have been introduced in Demo Builder Version 5.0 to make it even easier to create professional looking demonstrations and tutorials quickly.
  1. AutoCalculate Size
    Automatically size your text area to fit the amount of entered text.
  2. AutoCalculate Time
    Automatically adjust the timing in the Timeline based on the 'Reading Speed' property in Preferences.

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