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Direct Your Character

Once you have positioned your character, choose from a wide variety of actions in the Direct Your Character panel which will appear to the right of the Canvas. Each of the action tabs in this panel allows you to conveniently preview the action in the scene by clicking the Play icon and when satisfied you can click the Add icon to add the action to the Timeline where it can be moved around to adjust its start and end times. Selecting the Smooth in Design Mode icon (bottom left of the panel) will render the character in a better image quality during the editing phase, but this may also slow down the program; the character will however always be exported as "smooth".

A Character State is the initial direction a character faces, this can be set to facing slightly left, slightly right or center (facing the audience). A character will always appear in the scene in one of these 3 states.

When a character appears in the scene it will do so by "fading in" and when the scene ends the character will  fade out. Alternatively you can place the character off screen initially and add a walk animation to have them walk on screen.

Selecting the Smooth in Design Mode option only changes Character image quality in the Editing phase, as a Character will always be exported in a higher image quality whether this option is selected or not. Leaving the Character in a lower image quality during editing will allow the program to run smoother, especially for older computers.

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