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Cursor properties can be edited in the Design View by clicking on the cursor object in the timeline or on the start or end point of the cursor movement on the canvas. In the Title tab you can rename the cursor, the Pointer tab allows you to choose different images to represent the cursor and the Scale tab allows you to change the cursor size. In the Highlight Effect tab you can toggle a customizable circular highlight for the cursor. The Cursor Paths tab allows you to edit and smooth out the path the cursor moves along; these paths are only visible during movie editing, they will not be visible once the movie is exported. In the Click/Double Click Effect tab you can add an audio and visual click effect. The Align Cursors icons allow you to align cursors in different scenes so that a new cursor path will start where the previous one ended.

Set the following properties and options for Cursors:

  1. Name
    The default name for a cursor object is 'Cursor X' ('Cursor 1', 'Cursor 2', 'Cursor 3', and so onward), and this is visible in the name property of the movie. You can change a cursor's name by deleting the default name and typing in another one. Ensure the cursor is selected before attempting to change its name property.
  2. Pointer
    There are several different images available to represent the cursor. Regardless of what the cursor looked like during recording, you can change it to any of the available images.
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  3. Scale
    Change the scale of the cursor.
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  4. Highlight Effect
    Draw a circle underneath the cursor symbol.
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  5. Cursor paths
    When you have a cursor motion in a scene, you have the option of setting that motion as a straight line, a concave arc, a convex arc, or a completely custom motion. To create a straight or arc motion, simply select the appropriate icon. However, creating a custom motion is more complex.
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  6. Click/Double-Click effect
    Effects are used to determine the sound and visual effect made by the cursor at clicking point. These icons can either be selected (lit up) or not. If neither icon is selected, then there will be no sound effect (click or double click audio) or visual cue at the ending of the cursor path.
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  7. Align Cursors
    There are two additional icons available, the "Cursor Align" icons. These icons align the cursor's position in one scene to another cursor's position in the following or previous scene to give consistent flow to cursor movements from scene to scene. These icons are only available if the action is possible. For example, if there is no cursor in the following scene, then there will be no "Align Forward" icon. Also, if there is no cursor in the scene prior to the current one, then there will be no "Align Backward" icon. These align icons are only available for the first and last cursors inserted in a scene.

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