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Type out text to convert to speech or choose from preset texts and select an installed voice on your computer for your character to use.

  1. Add
    Once you have typed out your text and selected a voice installed on your computer, click the add button to add the sound file to the Timeline, where it can be moved to adjust its start and end times.
  2. Play
    Click the Play button to listen to the text you have typed.
  3. Delete
    Click Delete to clear the text.
  4. Preset Text
    Click this icon to open the Preset Text Menu, here you can choose from 5 default texts or select Edit to change the default texts or add your own preset texts.
  5. SSML
    Speech Synthesis Markup Language is a speech synthesizer that allows you to edit the tone, pronunciation, volume, pace and pitch of text-to-speech. In the drop down menu you can select sentence and paragraph reading as well as adjust more specific parts of speech, such as spelling, emphasis, pitch and rate. If you want to find out more about the synthesizer select Learn About SSML.
  6. Spelling
    LiveSpell is a built in spelling checker, toggle it to keep track of any spelling errors.
  7. Voice
    Click this option to select a voice installed on your computer.
  8. Editor
    Type out your text in this panel.

Once your Text-to-Speech sound files are added to the Timeline, if you wish to edit them simply right-click on the sound wave in the Timeline and select Load Text from the pop up menu, the text will then appear in the Direct Your Character panel to the right of the Canvas where it can be edited.

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