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Use your computer microphone to record audio and add it as character speech. To record audio for the character, select Record at the bottom of the Speech Panel to switch to an audio recording screen.

  1. Add
    Once you are satisfied with your recorded audio, click Add to save it to the Timeline.
  2. Play
    Click Play to listen to your recorded audio.
  3. Record
    Click the Microphone icon to start recording and again to stop recording when you are done. After clicking Stop a sound wave of the recording will appear in the speech panel.
  4. Narrate Timeline
    Selecting this option will allow you to play the movie while you record audio, when this option is not selected the movie will automatically pause when you start recording.
  5. Audio Options
    In the Recording options menu you can select a recording device, adjust the volume and calibrate your microphone.
  6. Delete
    Select Delete to clear the recorded audio.
  7. Edit
    Once you have a recording, select the Edit icon to open the built in Audio Editor, where you can adjust the volume, crop the audio and insert silences.

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