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Import audio files saved on your computer to use as your character's speech. To import audio in the Speak tab select Import at the bottom of the Direct Your Character panel then click on the File icon, select an audio file to import and it will appear as a sound wave in the panel. You can also further edit the audio file by opening the Audio Editor (the Pencil icon).

  1. Add
    Once you have chosen an audio file from your computer and edited it to your liking, click Add to save it to the Timeline.
  2. Play
    Click Play to preview your audio file.
  3. Open
    This option opens a computer browser, here you can select a saved audio file and open it in Demo Builder.
  4. Delete
    Use Delete to clear an audio file you have opened.
  5. Edit
    Once you have opened an audio file, select the Edit icon to open the built in Audio Editor, where you can adjust the volume, crop the audio and insert silences.

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