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In Design view you can select either Amy or Joey, and then choose where they initially appear in the scene and if they should face to the left, right or forward. You can also adjust the character’s height. Selecting Auto-Hide will hide the character from view whenever they are not performing an action and you can allow them to appear in all scenes by selecting Apply to all Scenes.

  1. Style
    Select a character from the drop down menu, here you can choose between Amy and Joey. The default setting is None, so no character will appear on the Canvas initially.
  2. Initial State
    Select one of these figures to allow the character to face left, center or right. The red numbers show the character's position on the Canvas, clicking on these numbers opens a menu with options to return the character to its original position, align it to the left, center or right of the screen and align it to a previous character position.
  3. Height
    The Height Bar allows you to adjust the size of your character.
  4. Auto Hide
    Select Auto Hide to make the character disappear from the Canvas when it is not performing an action or movement.
  5. Warning
    Changing the initial properties of a character may result in changes in character animations you have already made. For example, if you have created a walk animation and then increase the character's height, the end position will change as larger characters will take larger steps and may result in the character walking off screen.
  6. Move
    Clicking and dragging the cursor within the move block allows you to position the character anywhere on the canvas.

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