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In this tab you can choose from a variety of poses and gestures for a character to use while talking. A character will remain in a selected pose unless a new pose is added to the Timeline or the Idle icon is selected, this adds an animation to the Timeline that returns the character to its normal state.

  1. Add

    Once you have chosen a movement from the available Pose animations, select Add to save it to the Timeline where it can be adjusted to change its start and end times. If the Red Playhead is at the end of the Timeline, the animation will automatically extend the Timeline.

  2. Play
    Click Play to see a preview of the animation you have selected. If the Red Playhead is at the end of the Timeline you will not be able to preview the animation, to make preview possible extend the Timeline or place the Red Playhead at an earlier point in the Timeline.
  3. Delete
    Click Delete to clear the animation you have selected or simply click on a different animation if you want the character to use a different action.

  4. Idle
    Once you have chosen a Pose animation and added it to the Timeline, you can select Idle, this will add an animation after the movement to allow the character to return to its normal stance. If Idle is not selected, the character will remain in the Pose selected.
  5. Animations
    Select a pose animation to accompany your character's speech. When you select an animation it will be high-lighted in blue, click Play to preview it and Add to save it to the Timeline.

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