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Move the cursor in the center according to the direction you want the eyes to move. Once you have a recorded eye movement, you can select the Release icon to allow the eyes to return to the center after the movement. You can also adjust the speed of this movement (for this to apply it should be adjusted before recording the movement).

  1. Add
    Once you have created an eye movement in the Drag Area, select Add to save it to the Timeline where it can be adjusted to change its start and end times. If the Red Playhead is at the end of the Timeline, the animation will automatically extend the Timeline.
  2. Play
    Select Play to see a preview of the eye movement you created in the Drag Area. If the Red Playhead is at the end of the Timeline you will not be able to preview the animation, to make preview possible extend the Timeline or place the Red Playhead at an earlier point in the Timeline.
  3. Delete
    Select Delete to delete an eye movement you have made.

  4. Release
    Once you have added an eye movement to the Timeline, the Release option will become available. If you select Release, after the movement the character's eyes will return to its starting central position. If you do not click release, the character's eyes will remain in the last position of the movement.
  5. Drag Area
    The Drag Area allows you to create eye movements. Click and drag the cursor around the Area in the direction you want the eyes to move, releasing the mouse button will end the eye movement.
  6. Speed
    Adjust the speed of the movement, this only applies if the speed is adjusted before you record the eye movement.

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