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Balloon properties can be edited in the Design View by clicking on the balloon in the timeline or on the canvas. In the Title tab you can rename the balloon and in the drop down menu you can edit its size, rotation and location. The Style tab allows you to edit the style, shape and color of your balloon. In the Click-to-Continue tab you can enable the scene to automatically pause when the balloon appears. The Text tab allows you to edit the balloon's font; you can also double-click inside the balloon to open the font editor. The Text-to-Speech tab allows you to enable an installed computer voice to read out the text when the balloon appears. By moving the Angle Wheel you can adjust the direction of the balloon’s tip.

Set the following properties and options for Balloons:

  1. Name
    The default name for a balloon is 'Balloon X' ('Balloon 1', 'Balloon 2', 'Balloon 3', and so onward), and this is visible in the name property of the object. You can change a balloon's name by deleting the default name and typing in another one. Ensure the balloon is selected before attempting to change its name property.
  2. Rotate, Scale and Location
    Adjust the rotational angles, scale or manually change the location of the balloon on the Canvas. Rotations on the X and Y-axis are ignored when the balloon is attached to the image.
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  3. Style
    The style property allows you to change the appearance (shape, style and color) of the Balloon tooltip. The default style is 'Classic'. A new balloon style, "Custom" has been added in version 7 which allows you to fully customize a balloon in terms of color and shape
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  4. Click To Continue
    When this option is checked, a 'Continue' button will be placed on the balloon. The movie will be paused, allowing the viewer to read the content of the balloon and to continue playing only when this button is clicked.
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  5. Text
    The text property allows you to customize font, font size, font color, text alignment and also edit the text that is visible on the Balloon tooltip. Click on the 'Text' button in the property panel or double-click the body of the balloon to display the 'Text editor'. You can also check the spelling of the entered text.
  6. Text-To-Speech
    For the text to be converted into speech, select the 'Text-To-Speech' option. Note : Microsoft Text-To-Speech is not required on the computer used to view your movie.
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  7. Orientation
    Clicking and spinning the 'Angle wheel' allows you to change the orientation of the balloon's tip.

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