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Background audio

Add audio effects, including voice narration, to your movie by importing existing sound files or recording new ones using Demo Builder. You can add background audio to your movie in a number of ways :

  • Record voice-over narration while initially capturing your screenshots (at capture time).
  • Record voice-over narration while previewing and editing your movie by selecting the 'Background Audio' button in the properties panel and then clicking on the 'Record' (+) button to record your voice-over narration.
  • Likewise, you can also add background audio to your movie by Importing *.wav and *.mp3 files, either from your computer, a network drive or from Demo Builder's built-in 'Audio Collection'.

When an Audio effect is included in the movie, the background audio properties expand to include additional properties.

  1. Loop
    Check the Loop box to have this audio clip repeat continuously throughout your movie.
  2. Fade In/Out
    Use these to add fade effects to your background audio. The music can be faded in or out in 'short', 'medium' or 'long' modes, or you can choose 'none' to have audio play without a fade effect.
  3. Volume
    Use this to adjust the volume of your background audio for scenes with added background audio. For example, if you insert music as the movie's background audio and then also insert voice-over narration in one of your scenes, this property allows you to lower the volume of the movie's background audio so that the voice-over is dominant during this scene.

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