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Automatic Keyframing

Enabling 'Automatic Keyframing' allows you to add a new transformation with only the use of the mouse. 'Automatic Keyframing' is ON when the square shape appears beside the cursor symbol above the Timeline (in the top left side of the cursor symbol)

Example :
Let's suppose that you want to add a Transformation, during the third second, that rotates the image on the Y-axis and then scales it. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Position the Playhead at the third second.
  2. Click on the image, hold down the right mouse button and then move the mouse horizontally to rotate the background image on the Y-axis.
  3. To scale the image frontwards or backwards use only the mouse wheel.

Check the Timeline afterwards to see that a new Transformation has been added. You may further tweak this transformation by adjusting the transformation's individual properties as found in the 'Transformations' panel.

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