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During recording Demo Builder captures relevant information about your actions. 'Auto-Text' then automatically adds balloons or texts describing these actions.
  1. Add Balloons
    Select this option to add balloons attached to the image.
  2. Add Texts
    Select this option to add text that can be located on the left or right side of the canvas, aligned to the bottom of the canvas or attached to the image under the mouse cursor.
  3. Language
    Select the language in which you would like the text to be displayed in.
  4. Reader Profile
    Select "words per minute" in the reader profile. This option adjusts the amount of time each balloon or text item is displayed for during the movie.
  5. Text-To-Speech
    Select this option to convert the text into speech.
  6. Add 'Click To Continue'  button
    Select this option to add a "click to continue" button. This option will pause the movie until the user clicks the button to continue.
  7. Make space in the Timeline
    Select this option to allow Demo Builder to adjust the Timeline as required for the reader to be able to read the text displayed. In the case that you do not choose this option, it is likely that the text shown will be out of tune with the movie. It is not recommended to select this option if your scene contains a voice-over naration recorded at capture time.

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