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Auto-Interact adds click zone areas which will ask the user to click on the areas that you yourself clicked on during recording. This is a GREAT feature for any training purposes.

  1. Add instructional notes
    Used to instruct the user to click on the right spot.
  2. On Success Event
    Select this option to show a positive message when the user correctly clicks inside the click zone area.
  3. On Failure Event
    Selection this option to show a negative message when the user incorrectly clicks outside the click zone area.
  4. On Rollover Event
    Selection this option to show a message when the user moves the mouse over the click zone.
  5. Hand Cursor
    Change the mouse pointer to a hand cursor when the user positions the mouse pointer over the click zone.
  6. Text-To-Speech
    Select this option if you want to convert the text into speech for all messages above.

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