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Use the Auto-Animate option to to allow Demo Builder to automatically create movement and speech for your Character according to your movie.

  1. Walk
    Selecting this option will add walking animations to the Timeline with regard to cursor movement. You can also select how closely a Character follows the cursor by adjusting the slider under Walk, although if the distance is too small a Walk movement will not be automatically added.
  2. Speak
    During recording, Demo Builder will identify what actions the mouse was used for in a program, when selecting Speak it will automatically compose and add the appropriate texts (e.g. click this button). Click the Person icon next to the Speak option to select a voice installed on your computer, which your character will use for the automatically added Text-to-Speech.
  3. Head
    This option will add head movement animations to the Timeline, these movements are added according to when the cursor clicks on something (i.e. a Character's head movement will follow cursor movements that end in a click). You can also adjust the Speed and Flexibility of the head movement using the sliders below the Head option.
  4. Mimic
    Demo Builder recognizes which actions the cursor performs during screen recording and will add Mimic animations accordingly. For example, when the cursor selects an item from a menu the Character will perform the "Select" Mimic animation.
  5. Adjust Scale
    Select this option to assure that the image always remains within the Canvas. 
  6. Add Reflection
    Select this option to add a reflection effect to the image.

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