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Industry experts and leading publications alike recognize the quality and ease of use of Demo Builder.


Flash&Flex Developer's Magazine

By Ali Raza, Adobe Certified Instructor

If you need something to quickly convey your messages, then Demo Builder is all you need. What I personally like about Demo Builder is the use of "post cards in space" where you can rotate the objects on the x,y and z axis. Enticing effects like reflections, and zoom-n-pan on desired areas can also be used. There is also a basic yet effective localization feature for those who want to target the international community. Demo Builder has all those features without whom you won't be able to endure 'tutorial creation' life. You guessed it right !. It comes with all those features which are used to make enrapturing and appealing creations such as text to speech, balloons, speech bubbles, cursor changes, transitions, effects, actions and many more.


By Rob Moore

DemoWolf is a tutorial production company, producing online flash-based tutorials for internet companies. We use Demo Builder exclusively to produce all our tutorials, as it's the most user-friendly software application of its kind. All necessary screenshots are captured from within Demo Builder, notes and balloons are inserted, and then we have professional voice-over recordings inserted to complete the tutorials. We also produce custom tutorials for companies who would rather outsource their tutorial development, and companies who use Demo Builder directly themselves, but who sometimes have too many tutorials to produce, and would rather outsource some of their work. We give Demo Builder an A++. Keep up the great work !

Software Commercials Inc

By Garett Finney

Demo Builder helps us to produce video demonstrations, and interactive video tutorials for our website. We use Demo Builder to record the use of software applications, and then to edit, and produce the recordings. When editing our recordings within Demo Builder, we add a variety of pre-made and custom image effects, text effects, and animations to our project. Often times we utilize Demo Builders ability to import external video content into our projects, which gives us the opportunity to work with other 3rd party software applications when producing our movie. The finished results are always consistent and professional.

The Journal of the Tucson Computer Society

By Martin Lapidus

Demo Builder is a wonderful tool for building presentations illustrating the workings of a Windows application. You can have Demo Builder capture a session where you interact with the application. It will, by default, create "bubbles" annotating each mouse click and text entry you make. You can, of course, edit the text in bubbles or delete any of them entirely. (...) Demo Builder is strongly recommended for anyone needing to illustrate all or parts of an application to the public.



By Mike Gunderloy

You can probably guess what Demo Builder does from its name: it's a screen recorder for application, designed to help you create Flash movies demonstrating your own products. To start, you just tell it to create a movie, and it places a little outline on your screen. You can size this manually, or tell it to fit to a particular application.


PC Magazine

By Neil J. Rubenking

Demo Builder created Flash demos and tutorials by snapping screenshots of activity within a running application. The user can easily add audio, balloon help, and captions and can define cursor movements to be shown in the demo.

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